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TRADE ON is Seoul Business Agency(SBA)'s Export Platform, integrating online & offline functions. It was created in effort to relieve the export difficulties of Small Medium Enterprises(SMEs) and to provide sustainable support for SMEs' foundations for export. TRADE ON strives to become a reliable B2B platform by servicing continuous business matching for Korea SMEs and overseas buyers.

Seoul Business Agency(SBA) was established to improve the management conditions of Seoul based SMEs and to support and contribute by strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs in various fields.
(For more information about SBA, please visit www.sba.seoul.kr.)


TRADE ON platform was designed with the concept of online exhibition to provide buyers the vibe and visual aspect of visiting an exhibition hall, in which various exhibiting companies of the five major categories
(IT/Electronics, Medical/Bio, Food, Beauty, and Lifestyle) have their own booth showing six main product photo displays.
In addition, three service features are provided:

  • Live Chat

    Buyers can get a quick response through live chat with the person in charge of any exhibiting companies on TRADE ON. With this live chatting feature, buyers are also able to check the recipient's online/offline status and leave messages thru live chat even when the recipient is not available online.

  • Direct Inquiry

    By visiting the exhibitor's booth, buyers can send direct inquiry to the exhibitor's person in charge. An e-mail will be sent to the buyer verifying that the inquiry was sent successfully to the exhibitor.

  • Video Conference

    TRADE ON provides its own video conference solution in order to eliminate any inconveniences caused by the incompatibility of different video conference solutions for both exhibitors and buyers. With this feature, buyers can request video conference at the exhibitor's booth and manage the schedule of video conferences with various exhibitors.